HSP High and Praise Report

I can’t sleep! I am full of energy and wide awake. I’m in bed, but not the slightest bit inclined to fall asleep.

There is a wonderful reason for this, though! This evening, I went to a bible study within a particular immigrant community that I spend time with. There was a guy there, who the last time I saw him was at a community event. He was beyond drunk and was hitting on me. It was creepy, not just annoying.

Tonight, however, he was there as a brand new, baby Christian! I had heard there had been someone to come to faith in Christ recently, but didn’t know who it was. Since I knew the story behind it, I easily put two and two together.

He had such a peaceful countenance tonight. He seemed to be listening attentively. Actually, he used to be in religious service in a different religion. Someone else from that religion, who became a Christian a couple of years ago, brought him tonight; his first time to ever be in a church setting.

Secondly, there was a girl that sat beside me who seemed to have a kind of breakthrough. Not a breakthrough driven by loud, emotional music. But a breakthrough of the mirror of the Word of God held up to her and her seeing her reflection.

The talk was on different types of “Christians,” from nominal to truly born-again. He divided them into four groups. As he described the groups, she said to me, “I think I’m in the wrong group.”

Oh, this blessed me! This was a statement of contrition. I pray that this evening ends up being a turning point for her! Please pray for me to have grace and wisdom to guide her, as the Lord would see fit.

What does that have to do with my sleeping? Well, in true HSP fashion, I’m just totally overwrought right now. I can’t calm myself down and just go to sleep. This happens somewhat regularly, if I’m excited or nervous. The physical response lingers long after the information has been processed.

Why can’t we just put a lid on these responses, once they have served their purpose?!

I have a very long day ahead of me tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be another day of seeing God’s work in people’s hearts and lives. At this rate, I just don’t feel close to falling asleep at all.*

Do any of my fellow HSPs ever experience this?


3 thoughts on “HSP High and Praise Report

  1. This does happen to me. Social interaction is so stimulating that I get all revved up and it takes a long time to come down. I often walk or take public transit home from evening activities, which gives me some time to mentally process what’s happened. I think physically transitioning through an intermediate space between the event and my home also helps my brain get the message that I’m finished with that now.

    I was a little disappointed when an event I attended recently broke up after only 2 hours. It had been highly stimulating and given me some new insights about myself. Later, however, I was glad, as I was able to go to bed at my regular time. I am (slowly but surely) learning to leave when I’ve had enough, not too much.

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  2. Thank you for sharing that, Sensitive Type! I think for me, at least that evening, my overstimulation was primarily from excitement over the spiritual growth I witnessed in those two people. I don’t know that I get like that from all social interaction. Maybe I should pay attention next time!


    • It doesn’t take much to overstimulate me, but since you are an extrovert, it might take something especially emotionally engaging or mentally stimulating (or both), which it sounds like that experience was. I can see how that would be tremendously exciting and meaningful for an HSP. Your description really illustrates what a balancing act it is to be an HSP extrovert.

      I’m on the ambiverted side of introversion. Most people who met me in a social setting would not think I’m an introvert, as I am chatty and often engage heartily (unless I am tired, in which case I have a hard time keeping focus on what I’m saying and finding the right words, and have even been known to stutter).

      However, one occasion like that a month is about enough for me! Maybe I could manage 2 a month, if there were 2 weeks between them, but I would feel pretty busy. Any more than that and I would feel outright stressed. And note that I live alone and work at home or from a one-person office, so a little social contact goes a long, long way. I can’t conceive of going out every night, or even 2 or 3 times a week. It just boggles my mind!


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