An HSP’s Nightmare

Well…mine, anyway. 

Just now, I was putting facial cleanser on my face, to wash and get ready for bed. As I was bent down to the sink, I noticed a few strands of hair in the top of the drain. 

So…without rinsing my face, I went straight to the task of cleaning some strands of hair out of the drain. Along with the hair came little pieces of unidentified, grey gunk. 

For that horrifying five minutes, I was trembling and gagging (a little bit.) I still have some heebie-jeebies. 

Once, long ago, I lived in a dorm suite, and our shower drain got clogged. I had to get a huge, horrible clump of my and my roommates’ hair out of there.  

Can. Not. Handle. This. 

As this post is published, I still have facial cleanser on my face. 

Did I mention that I also have ADD? 


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