About Me

I’ve been a Christian since 2002, at the age of 27.  I’d always believed myself to be a Christian, but I know that I was not truly regenerated until 2002.  Since then, it’s been an uphill climb.  There have been lots of flat places along the way, but in 2010, I began listening to a Christian radio station that features excellent bible teaching.  That produced a growth spurt.  In 2012, I had experience that forced me to realize that the only thing I can truly rely on is my relationship with God, which was made possible through the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus the Christ, and the his Holy Spirit, which was deposited in me.

I’ve been continuing to grow spiritually, but the recent months have also included a lot of self-discovery.  A lot of it has been related to the fact that God has really been leading me to consider my motives for whatever I say or do.  Through this, he has unearthed for me many deep-seeded sinful attitudes and behaviors.

Several months ago, I felt that I wanted to find a counselor, because of some concerns that I had been having.  My friend referred me to her counselor.  At that time, I learned that she specializes in dealing with Highly Sensitive Persons, or HSPs.

As I read about this trait, I dismissed it as not applying to me.  The first indicators usually listed are sensitivity to loud noises, bright light, and tactile irritants, like a tag in a shirt.  For the most part, these don’t bother me, so I thought I must not be an HSP.  End of story.  Until about 3 week ago, that is.

As part of my self-discovery, I began wondering why certain emotions, etc. affected me so deeply.  Why did it take forever to settle down, even after an argument had been resolved?  Why would I cry over anything vaguely emotional?  Why, when I would be interested in a guy, would fall hard and fast – even when I knew rationally that this was not healthy?

This led me to reconsider my position on HSP and to search for articles relating to it.  I learned that light and sound sensitivity, etc. did not necessarily have to be present in an HSP.  I also began to see a lot of myself and my experiences within the various articles and blogs.  Guess I didn’t dig deeply enough the first time!

So, I’ve been learning, coping, and, well…I should be praying more to understand this.

Won’t you join me in my journey?




4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I found your blog today while searching for some Godly perspective on being a HSP! I’ve read some of your writings already and it’s been so encouraging to me! Can’t wait to read more, I am a 21 female who loves the Lord! I’ve always known God made me sensitive but didn’t know HSP was a “thing”. God has been showing me a lot about it this week and I’m praying I gain more Goldy insight on this subject and how to live as HSP that will honor God daily!

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    • Kristi, I’m so happy that the posts were encouraging to you! Hopefully, I will be adding more in the near future.

      It sounds like you are just where I was two years ago: searching the Internet for Christian HSP perspectives. At that time, I was completely new to the idea, too.

      Please stay in touch!


  2. I read your testimony and am a hsp and a guy so its difficult for me.The gift and it is but sometimes feels like a curse is for discernment and prayer.There are several good books by murray dueck keepers of his presence and carol brown the highly sensitive christian.Also a article by eric jantzen confessions of a burden bearer.Reading your posts reminds me Im not alone and why I hate crowds and get overwhelmed so easily.Even at church.Thanks for your insight.


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