Why This Blog?

Welcome to my space.  You probably landed here, because, like me, you noticed the lack of useful information for Christians coping with a highly sensitive personality.  So, you went searching for information that related directly to HSP Christians.

Most of what I’ve found has had a lot of new age elements, which made me uncomfortable.  I began to feel like this Highly Sensitive trait must be a new age construct.

When I expressed my concerns to my counselor, who is also a Christian, agreed that there isn’t much out there for us.  She said there just isn’t a lot written about HSPs from a Christian perspective.  Then, she said, “You should write about it.  I want you to write about that.”  Umm…not quite what I had in mind.  But here I am.

At the point at which I began to consider the possibility that I could have this trait, I read every website I could find.  Aside from the “spiritual” coping methods, I found all of the information to be very helpful.  So, hopefully, there are other Highly Sensitive Christians who will be encouraged, in some way, by my experiences and insights.

By no means am I an expert on HSP; but I want at least one person to find my experiences relatable.  I also would very much like to hear from others about their experiences!


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