The evening that I’m creating this page is the evening that the world has learned of the untimely death of Robin Williams.  Clearly, he was loved by so many and will be missed greatly.  My earliest memory of him is from “Mork and Mindy.”  I was very small when that show was on the air.

I’ve noticed that many people are also posting comments about being aware of depression and how to deal with people who are experiencing it.

Having experienced about a six-month period of depression, panic and anxiety, I wanted to write about this topic, too.  Unfortunately, I cannot claim to to have the answers for what works for everyone, but I would like to share my experience.

My period of depression is actually not recent; it occurred during the spring and summer of 2007. During the fall, I was not completely myself, but had improved considerably by that time.  So, my posts about depression are not really about my current experiences; they are just information that I want to share.

As with this HSP blog, in general, I pray that my entries related to depression will resonate with someone.  I pray that someone who is currently experiencing such a time will be encouraged by what I’ve written.  Hopefully, it will also enable those whose loved one may battle depression, panic, or anxiety to understand some of what that person could be experiencing.



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