To My Non-HSP Friends

July 19, 2014

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I’m writing this, not only to share my journey with other Highly Sensitive People, but also to shed some light for the people in my life to whom I’m the closest.

When I look back on the most (not all) objectionable aspects of my personality and of my being a good friend, they make so much sense with the light of HSP shining on them.  There are several specific people that I’ve had in mind, whenever I update this blog.  If you’re reading because I sent you here, you’re likely one of them.  🙂 Not that I’m writing this just for you.  Well, this page is for you… but I mean that you come to mind when I think about moments in our friendships where I fell short.  Whoo.  Those are plenty.

This is by no means a plea for pity.  I don’t really even pity myself for this discovery.  In fact, I’m so relieved to learn more about why I act and react the ways I do a lot of times. As you read, (and I hope you will!) you’ll see that I talk about coping and taking care of myself.  Even in these past few weeks, I’ve seen what a difference is made between actually taking care of myself and the times that I don’t.

So, please come on in, have some tea, stay a while.  And come back.  This is a new blog, so I’ll be adding lots to it, hopefully.

Much love from Highly Sensitive Me!


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